Kursiu Nerija National Park

Kuršių nerija, the Curonian Spit, is a narrow strip of sand stretching 97 kilometres along the Baltic Sea in western Lithuania. According to the legend, the spit was formed a long time ago by Neringa, a girl giant who poured the sandy peninsula into the Baltic Sea to protect the peaceful bay from the stormy sea and create an embankment for fishermen to live. Thus, today the eastern shores of the Curonian Spit are washed by the Curonian Lagoon, while the Baltic Sea washes the western ones.

One part of the 50 kilometres long Curonian Spit belongs to the Republic of Lithuania. The other to the Russian Federation. With its still drifting sand dunes, the sea side forests cherishing the hundred-years-old pine trees, dunes covered by a mountain pines’ carpet planted by hand, white sand beaches and the old fishermen villages, the Curonian spit is truly unique! In order to preserve the valuable landscape complex, Kuršių nerija National Park was established in 1991.

During the Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

You are invited to the Autumn Equinox celebration on 22 september, at 19.30 haur, in the Amber Bay, Juodkrante.

Stork finds his wintering home

Our beloved stork needed to be rescued due to unexpected start of first winter frosts. First rescue operation failed, since stork was fed by caring people and national park ecologists couldn’t come near him while eventually the stork was left sitting on top of the house roof. The second rescue operation was a success and the stork was delivered to his new wintering home in Smiltyne.

Autumn migration
For some time now one can observe numerous flocks of migrating swans in the Curonian Lagoon. Here they come to rest and to feed. Curonian lagoon is recognized as an area important for bird species protection and is part of European habitats of high ecological quality network Natura 2000. 
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3. Do we have to pay for the entrance to the Kursiu nerija national park?

You only have to pay fixed fee in Alksnynes post by Neringa municipality