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Cognitive and educational walking tours in ecologically sensitive domains of the Grobštas and Nagliai natural reserves




Curonian Spit National Park invites to cognitive and educational walking tours into ecologically sensitive and exclusive domains – Grobštas and Nagliai natural reserves. You will be guided by a National Park worker who will introduce to existing processes in the nature and explain the importance of responsible behavior in the sensitive environment of the spit. You will travel through the most authentic sites on the spit. Here, on the reserve, it seems like time has stopped, and one feels like a guest who timidly travels across the gray dunes toward the very fragile base of the Great dunes. Nature lives on its own rythm, and a visitor can observe and enjoy these wonderful pohenomena. 
Guided groups are from 2 to 8 people. The cost per person is from  31,00 € to  36,00 € , depending on the qualifications of the guiding staff person, the choice of language (Lithuanian, English, German, Russian) and other tour-related expenses.
For more information of the tour times and other questions, please contact: the Visitors Centre at Naglių str. 8, Neringa, phone +370 469 51256 or email
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Guided Tours in the Curonian Spit National Park

         To those who are visiting the Curronain spit we are offering a unique excursion to sites that reflect on the Curronian Spit the best. The excursion takes through the entire Curronian Spit National Park and takes 5-6 hours. We start at Smiltyne with a visit to the foredune ridge – it was formed 200 years ago by people and natural forces. You will see several sites of wildfires and find out why fires start so fast in these areas, and how to avoid them. In Juodkrante you will visit the Bay of Amber and learn about about its trasures and amber excavation. We will visit the legendary Hill of Witches, see the remaining old forest. Close to Juodkrante we will visit the nesting site of the cormorants and grey herons. The increased population of cormorants causes many conflicting views and discussions in the society, but there is no one clear position. After hearing more about the birds you will be able to form your own opinion. In Nagliai natural reserve we will visit a scenic path and discover unique natural habitats that are on the list of „Natura 2000“ territories; stories of the sand-burried villages will be told. Finally we will reach the Parnidis dune in Nida. The top of the dune offers beautiful sights into the lagoon and the vast sea, and the white dunes of the Grobstas reserve.
          This educational tour suits boith groups and families. The tour costs from 105,00 €  to  196,00 € . The length of the tour and the sights to visit can be adjusted according to you interests and needs. For more information on the tour times please contact us, phone +370 469 51256 or email

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           Specialized natural tours in the Curonian Spit National Park

               Specialized tours offer an opportunity to explore the beautiful parks of the Curronian Spit national park with the guidance of its staff. The tour will introduce to the unique natural conditions, the flora of the sand, the types of insects, migrating and nesting birds, as well as animals. You may have luck to meet the moose - the biggest mammal of the Curronian Spit, or a cunning fox; perhaps you will spot the lively board youngsters or the graceful deer. You will learn about the ongoing natural processes on the Spit and get acquainted with the various types of dunes here: grey, white, early-formation and shifting-sand, and aforested dunes.
The time and location of the tour are arranged according to your personal interests. We offer guided walks in all territory of the Curonian Spit National Park. 

For more information on tour times please contact us by phone +370 469 51256 or email

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