Vecekrug Dune

Vecekrug (Old Inn) Dune is the highest dune (67,2m) of the Curonian Spit. Its name originated from Curonian word vece – “oldand "kruogs" – "inn", reminding about the former inn located at the foot of Dune. The entire dune is covered with mountain pine massifs. Planting of this pine was initiated in the middle of the 19th century. At the beginning seedlings were specially imported from Denmark, later - grown locally.  Mountain pine was planted at major dunes which had drifted towards the Curonian Spit settlements, and it served for prevention of sand drifting over forests and settlements.

Ethnographic Cemetery

The old cemetery finds the shelter at the foot of the dune in the southern part of Preila. The last Curonians of Preila are resting under mossy tombstones.


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6. Where can we order excursion in Kursiu nerija national park?

You can order guides in Visitors centres. Service charges provided by national park administration