Instructions and Rules for visitors of Park

The regulations and order defining the visits and use of resources as established by the legislation and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania are in force in the territory of the Kursiu nerija National Park. In order to preserve the unique nature of the Curonian Spit, the following activities are forbidden:


to visit Nagliai and Grobštas reservations except the equipped bicycle trace and cognitive foot-path in Nagliai reservation, arranged grounds in the 31 st kilometer of the road from Smiltyne to Nida;

to climb up and down the dunes; or unrip the dunes;
to drive the motorized transport in the forest, the beaches, and the dunes; to drive off the asphalt road, to park the cars in inappropriate places; to keep the campers and auto caravans not on the territory of camping place for a long time;
to put up tents and to park the campers in not equipped places; to stay overnight in the forest, on the beach, in the dunes;
to make fire in unsignated places; improper behaviour with fire being noticed, warm about possible danger and dial the number 112;
to smoke in the dry forest and on the beach;
to pollute the environment, to damage information signs and other facilities;
to make noise, to disturb the birds during the nesting and migration periods and destroy their nests;
to damage flora, collect sorts of plants and mushrooms that are included in to Lithuania Red Book;
to fish without the fishing licence (fishing licence you can buy in visitors centre of Curonian spit national park);
tourist trip, public events, research and other activities must be approved with Park Administration and City Municipalities. Persons who don’t obey the rules will be charged by Administrative Law of the Republic of Lithuania (up to 500 litas);

 Here You could download Visiting rules
in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian languages.

Our sincere thanks to volunteers of Kursiu nerija national park, who have translated this text to their native languages:

  • volunteer Toni Galofre from Spain 2009
  • volunteer Launay Florian from France 2010
  • volunteer Volynets Mykola from Ukraine 2010

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5. Can i get amateurish fishing permission in Curonian spit?

You can get amateurish fishing permission in visitors centres