The Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

The Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water.

On 22 September, at 7:30 p.m., the Amber Bay, Juodkrante.

Open-air sculptures exposition of reeds in the Amber Bay

This 2017 year, artists from Lithuania and Latvia participated in the symposium of reeds sculptures. Several participating artists have already gained experience in this project in previous years: Zigmunds Vilnis from Latvia, Martynas Gaubas from Birstonas and Andrius Sirtautas from Silute. Author Kazys Venclova participated in the first reeds sculptures symposium. In addition, this was the first time that artist Viktorija Bitinaite Stankeviciene have taken part in the symposium.

Each sculpture has its own meaning and the idea behind it, as explained by the authors themselves: 

Discover the Glimpses of Artists’ Paradise in Klaipėda and Curonian Spit

A new colourful project In Search of the Wonderful Land. From the Artists’ Colony in Nida to Pranas Domšaitis has enriched Lithuanian cultural world and provided more leisure opportunities for everyone. The new project is a lot of fun, besides, it will give visitors aesthetic pleasure and the joy of discovery.

This project is one the key events in Klaipėda - Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2017 programme. It was initiated and developed by several national and local cultural organisations, active in the Curonian Spit and Klaipėda:  the Pranas Domšaitis Gallery of the Lithuanian Art Museum (the LAM Pranas Domašaišis Gallery), the Non-Profit Organisation Thomas Mann Cultural Centre, the Curonian Spit National Park, and the Non-Profit Organisation the Society of East Prussian Art Lovers’ Nidden.

During the Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

You are invited to the Autumn Equinox celebration on 22 september, at 19.30 haur, in the Amber Bay, Juodkrante.

During the Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

You are invited to the Autumn Equinox celebration on 22 september, at 19.30 haur, in the Amber Bay, Juodkrante.

Stork finds his wintering home

Our beloved stork needed to be rescued due to unexpected start of first winter frosts. First rescue operation failed, since stork was fed by caring people and national park ecologists couldn’t come near him while eventually the stork was left sitting on top of the house roof. The second rescue operation was a success and the stork was delivered to his new wintering home in Smiltyne.

Autumn migration
For some time now one can observe numerous flocks of migrating swans in the Curonian Lagoon. Here they come to rest and to feed. Curonian lagoon is recognized as an area important for bird species protection and is part of European habitats of high ecological quality network Natura 2000. 
Nordic walking routes in Nida

 Seize the opportunity to explore Nordic walking routes in the unique nature of the Curonian Spit.

During the Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

The participants of symposium of international Balts sculptors in early June created a new and unique exposition on water from reed sculptures. This exposition is eleventh here and if will gracethe Curonian Spit during all summer time until the Autumn equinox feast (September 22nd.), when the sculptures will became a flaming piece of art. During the decade this reed sculptures transformation to sculptural fire arthas taken a rootin Curonian Spit and became a part of traditions and local culture. This feast represents a harmonious relationship between sculptors, natives and their surroundings. New reed sculptures and the Equinox feast at Juodkrante Amber Bay attracts more people every year.

Explore natural paths by hiking and cycling

The Directorate of the curonian Spit National Park invites hiking and cycling. 


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5. Can i get amateurish fishing permission in Curonian spit?

You can get amateurish fishing permission in visitors centres