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For some time now one can observe numerous flocks of migrating swans in the Curonian Lagoon. Here they come to rest and to feed. Curonian lagoon is recognized as an area important for bird species protection and is part of European habitats of high ecological quality network Natura 2000.
Like every year, nowadays employees of the Curonian spit national park are counting migrating birds. Around 1000 individuals of different sub-species of swan including mute, whooper and tundra were observed in certain areas of the lagoon, whereas this number would be greater if other areas of the lagoon would be included into the monitoring procedures of migrating bird species. Also, during this time of year one can observe other bird species. It is common to see great crested grebes, common mergansers, smews, common goldeneyes and even more. The diversity of bird species changes throughout the migrating season, since some species tend to stay longer/shorter periods while other stay for whole winter season in the Curonian lagoon’s territory. Currently there is an increase of whooper swans in the area where one can observe birds while traveling towards Juodkrante settlement as well as from the top of Bear head’s hill.    
Photo A.Razmos
Photo A.Razmos
Photo A.Razmos

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