News / Stork finds his wintering home

Our beloved stork needed to be rescued due to unexpected start of first winter frosts. First rescue operation failed, since stork was fed by caring people and national park ecologists couldn’t come near him while eventually the stork was left sitting on top of the house roof. The second rescue operation was a success and the stork was delivered to his new wintering home in Smiltyne. During wintering the stork will have some company – juvenile grey heron which was found fallen out of the nest with a broken wing earlier this year. Even though the grey heron is much younger than the stork and welcomed the guest rather friendly, nonetheless the youngster grey heron reserved the best seat in the house for himself exclusively. The stork was found entangled in the fishing line, therefore Curonian spit national park administration kindly asks for the fishermen to look after themselves and the environment while fishing and don’t leave any fishing lines or net gear unattended.  

Nuotr. J. Gedgaudo

Nuotr. E. Razmienės

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