News / During the Autumn Equinox - Flaming sculptures on the water

The participants of symposium of international Balts sculptors in early June created a new and unique exposition on water from reed sculptures. This exposition is twelve here and if will grace the Curonian Spit during all summer time until the Autumn equinox feast (September 22nd.), when the sculptures will became a flaming piece of art. During the decade this reed sculptures transformation to sculptural fire arthas taken a rootin Curonian Spit and became a part of traditions and local culture. This feast represents a harmonious relationship between sculptors, natives and their surroundings. New reed sculptures and the Equinox feast at Juodkrante Amber Bay attracts more people every year.

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3. Do we have to pay for the entrance to the Kursiu nerija national park?

You only have to pay fixed fee in Alksnynes post by Neringa municipality