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The bicycle trip around Kuršiu nerija National Park is an excellent opportunity to visit the most exciting and the most beautiful places of the Spit, familiarize with the nature, landscape, and villages. Now the park is equipped with a special 52 km long bicycle path, connecting Nida, Preila, Pervalka, Juodkrante, and Smiltyne. It goes through the woodlands, there are no big uphills and downhills, the motor transport is prohibited, therefore, even for the beginners it is quite easy and safe to go on this path. The places for short stops are specially built along the path. Information on the objects and places to visit is available in the information stands, which are located at the approaches to all villages. Please make sure to have drinking-water with you before your trip, as you can only find it in the villages. 
We recommend you to start getting to know the Curonian Spit from the center of Nida. If you take the bicycle path that goes along the village of Nida onshore the Curonian Lagoon you vill be able to stop at all the most exciting objects.
Our brochure "Cycling along Kursiu nerija national park" will help you your path:
One will be really fascinated by this most impressive cycle route in Lithuania. The trip starts on a ferry going from the centre of Klaipėda to Curonian Spit. The company of shrieking terns will remind you that Klaipėda is a marine city, which is proud of its sea museum–an aquarium and a dolphinarium. The route further extends along the Curonian Spit National Park, which was recognized as one of the most unique natural and cultural heritage sites of the Baltic Sea region by UNESCO. The landscape of Curonian Spit is the result of cooperation between man and nature. The most breathtaking sceneries are those of sand dunes drifted by the wind squeezed into pine woods that open marvellous views to the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila and Nida, the settlements scattered along the coast of Curonian Lagoon, are fascinating by ethnographic fishermen’s houses with reedy roofs and fishing nets drying nearby, seacoast beacons, wooden sculptures of the Hill of Witches, and the colony of cormorants and grey herons settled in the neighbourhood. Spacious beaches of golden sand invite to relax and refresh oneself in the sea.
Those who choose this route will reach Nida by a cycle trail with asphalt paving extending by pine woods throughout the entire Curonian Spit. Tourists can travel from Nida to Nemunas delta by boat and take the roads stretching along the coast of Curonian Lagoon to return back to Klaipėda. Those interested in Soviet exotics can easily reach Kaliningrad from Curonian Spit.
The seaside cycle route consists of 3 different parts whose total length is 216 km. Upon starting a trip in Klaipėda cyclists can choose one of three sections: 
1. From Curonian Spit in Klaipėda to Nida – 52 km
2. From Klaipėda to the border of Latvia–49 km
3. Along the seaside from Klaipėda to Rusnė Island –115 km
More information in website:   http://www.bicycle.lt/seasideroute/ 

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