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Parnidis self-guided path
In Parnidis cognitive path you will see various plants, lichen, mushrooms, insects, birds, enjoy the beautiful views of nature.
1.8 km long touring path has been laid in the southern part of Nida settlement. When visiting this path you will see wonderful plants, lichen, fungi, insects, birds, visit the “smithy” of the woodpecker and will also admire the magnificent natural landscapes and visit the symbol of the sea location Nida lighthouse, Sundial. Parnidzio path crosses the wellness route, where exercising and doing sports will be pleasurable both for children and adults.

In 2009 the path was supplement with 9 informational indexes, which will help you finding the way to Parnidzio dune easier. On the top of Parnidzio dune there is a panoramic site. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the Curonian Spit. In 1995 a sundial was built here. This place was chosen not accidentally – the Curonian Spit is the only place in Lithuania, where the sun sets and rises from the surface of the water. Here, as in no other place, one can see the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon simultaneously and experience a feeling that you are on a land between two waters. Amazing panoramas open up from Parnidzio dune: southwards – the great Lithuanian Sahara blinding by the light and shadows on the “travelling dunes”, northwards – the green emerald of the dunes, while at the foot, at the very amphitheatre – Nida settlement characterized by red-tiled roofs.

The touring path starts at the Valley of Tranquillity (Tylos slenis). That is how local people call the meadow located at the foot of the dune, where one can always find shelter and peace.
Dendrologic self-guided path
Trees and bushes are mentioned in Lithuanian proverbs, sayings, bywords and riddles. They are heroes of fairytales and songs. The Baltic customs to plant saplings on various occasions, give wreathes of branches and leaves to winners, ornament houses and cattle with branches of the Life tree is coming back to us.
Trees and bushes heal us, their fruit nourish us, bark, roots, leaves are used to dye leather and fabrics, sour hides, and wood is an indispensable raw material in manufacturing of furniture, household appliances, construction and paper industry.

Authority of the Kursiu nerija National Park has pleasure to invite you to get acquainted with the trees and bushes of the Spit and take a pleasant stroll along the dendrologic path.
Length of the path is 1600 metres. Beginning and end of the route are marked with stands. The entire route of the dendrologic path is marked with wooden posts whose top edges are painted in white and green. There are 16 stations along the path with the stands featuring descriptions, drawings and pictures of trees. On especially scenic spots suitable for rest and reflections you will find benches, where you will be able to just enjoy nature’s sounds.
The dendrologic path ends with acquaintance with the hornbeam. We do hope that the walk alongside this path gave you energy and enriched you with new knowledge. And, maybe, you succeeded in making a tree talk to you?
Self-guided path in Nagliai Nature Strict Reserve
The Nagliai Nature Strict Reserve occupies an area of 1680 hectares. Here you can see the so called Grey Dunes (Lith. Pilkosios kopos), otherwise known as the Dead Dunes (Lith. Mirusios kopos), spontaneous wild-growing forest vegetation and centennial wood soils buried underneath the sand. Due to strong winds impressive ravines, erosions and washouts are formed in these dunes. Here and there, fragments of old soils appear from under the sands. Between 1675 and 1854 the sand blown by the western winds buried four villages of Nagliai in this area.
Sightseeing of the nature reserve and the scenery of the Grey Dunes is allowed on the 31st kilometre of the road Smiltynė – Nida or 15st kilometer of the road Nida – Smiltynė, where a parking lot is equipped for this purpose and there built a special sightseeing path in the area. Its length is 1100 m. Half of that distance is covered with gravel or boardway, the rest is sand.
Enjoy your impressions!

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