OUTDOORS ACTIVITIES / Mushrooms and Berries
Gathering mushrooms
Gathering mushrooms is very popular among citizens of Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit. The beginning of the season depends on weather - if it was moist and warm enough, mushrooms appear on the second half of summer and grow until November. Mushroom pickers mostly find ceps, orenge-caps, brown birch boletes, yellow boletes, slippery Jacks, saffron milk-caps and flavoured tricholomas.
Mushrooms picking is allowed on the entire area of the national park, except Nagliai (between Juodkrante and Pervalka) and Grobstas (between Nida and state border) Strict Nature Reserves. Mushroom picking in the Kursiu Nerija National Park is free of charge.
Berry - picking
The Curonian Spit isn't especially rich in berries. However, this is just one of ways to spent free time. The biggest blueberry fields are in vicinities of Juodkrante and Nida. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cowberries can be found in the park also.
Berry-picking is allowed on the entire area of the national park, except in the Strict Nature Reserves. Nagliai Strict Nature Reserve (between Juodkrante and Pervalka) and Grobstas Strict Nature Reserve (to the South from Nida).

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