OUTDOORS ACTIVITIES / Orienteering tracks
Visitors who prefer an active stay can try our orienteering sport parks in Curonian Spit National Park.
To find places of interest will help controlling poles. These can be easily found with help of maps which you can get in Visitors Centres of Curonian Spit National Park: 
Naglių str. 8, Nida and in summer season Smiltynės str. 11, Kaipėda.
Map with participant card costs from 1,30 Eur - 2,60 Eur
for pedestrians red-colored poles

for pe blue - colored poles

Try out orienteering sport parks in Curonian Spit National Park and discover places of interest!

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6. Where can we order excursion in Kursiu nerija national park?

You can order guides in Visitors centres. Service charges provided by national park administration