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Snowboard trails
We invite you to come to the Curonian Spit in winter time with an inventory of entertainment: skiing, toboggan, snowboard and ski slopes to try Snowboard trails in Nida and Juodkrante. There are Snowboarders Hill at the foot of the Urbas hill for Winter fun lovers. Snowboard trails will enjoy the unique corners of the Curonian Spit.
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Juodkrante Green trail (from the cemetery) lead toward the Gulf of Amber, turning into dendrological path, where the rare beauty and high slope protected from the sea wind. Cheerful slopes waiting for you on walking path, sliding toward the sea and back. 
  • the trail length of 3.5 km, walking path to the sea (and back) of 2.5 km. Green trail scheme - click here>>>
Nida Red trail starts from the Neringa sports school up the slope, where are stunning views of the sea and the lagoon. The descent is straightforward and fun, around spectacular landscapes: pine forest covered with snow, the lagoon in the distance array of dunes. 
Nida blue trail starts from the Secondary School, where, turning left through the forest goes by slope toward the sea. There you are a long slope and interesting terrain waiting you.
Hill of snowboarders: 20 years ago there was an elevator, but now there is currently a favorite place for snowboarders. It is near the Nida lighthouse. 
  • the slope of Hill of snowboarders is about 100 m. See the Red trail scheme.
Wish You to enjoy the pleasures of winter in Curonian spit!


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6. Where can we order excursion in Kursiu nerija national park?

You can order guides in Visitors centres. Service charges provided by national park administration