The mission of IRKLAKOJIS (paddle&foot) is to let our travellers explore and get to know Lithuanian Nature, Culture and Customs in an active and environment-friendly way. 

On our multi-day tours, you will share experiences with a small group (maximum up to 12 people) of international travelers. This way of travelling often creates intense companionship and also minimizes any impact on the environment.

We observe the wildlife but we do not disturb it.

Each IRKLAKOJIS tour is accompanied by a trained local leader/guide who will provide you with information on the history, culture and the landscape of the places we visit.

On every IRKLAKOJIS multi-day tour you will have a possibility to discover Lithuanian folklore music and dances and also taste some of the typical specialities of the region.

Canoe tour „Grobštas"
It is a short, but impressive tour to discover the unique and dinamic lanscapes of the Curonian Spit. Having left the green shore of Nida you will approach the Parnidžio Dune. Passing it you will discover the amazing Grobšto Bay.. Read more...
Tour „Across the Lagoon to the Nemunas Delta"
It is an adventurous one day tour to the Regional Park of the spectacular Nemunas Delta.
We will paddle across the Curonian Lagoon to the Ventės Cape. Here we will have a picnic and visit bird ringing station and old lighthouse. Then we will continue to Kniaupo Bay... Read more...
Sailing trip „Wind of the Curonian Lagoon"
Come adrift from active leisure and get submerged into sailing! During this trip you will experience sailing which was one of the main transportation means for the curonian people. Trip can be organized on an authentic curonian sailing ship called „Kurėnas". Read more... 
Hiking tour „At sunrise"
It is an exclusive tour for those, who want to experience the pulse of the Curonian Spit‘s nature. We will start walking at 5 o'clock, admiring the nature of the peninsula. We will walk along the Curonian Lagoon shores, observing the awoken birds, we will step in the forests, where elks, deers and wild boars hide. After having breakfast.. Read more...
Canoe and cycle tour „Bulvikis"
It is a scenic combined tour by canoe and bike.
We will start in Nida and paddle along the green shores to Bulvikio Cape, where we will have picnic. After picnic we will board the canoes and go along Bulvikio Bay to discover the shallows lying 700 m away from the shores. Having reached Preila, a small fishing settlement, we will ride bicycles following the winding cycling path through the woods.. Read more...
Canoe tour „Dead Dunes"
This is a unique water route, because the largest part of it lies by the Naglių nature reserve, where walking is forbidden. In the beginning of the tour we will paddle towards the old Pervalka lighthouse which is situated in the water. After having passed the Žirgų (Horses‘) Cape we will enjoy the scenic landscapes of... Read more...
Cycling tour „Through the woods and sands"
On this tour we will discover Curonian Spit following the winding cycling path through the woods and bays. We will visit the highest Hill of the Curonian Spit the Vecekrugo Hill (67,2 m), which formerly was a big sand dune and threatened to descend on Preila settlements.. Read more...
Hiking tour „Eumo Hills"
This hiking tour is for those who admire the undisturbed nature. The tour starts in Juodkrantė, where the oldest forests of the Curonian Spit grow. We will hike in the Lapnugario landscape reserve (a so cold Foxes Wood), where the beautiful Eumo Hills are located. We will visit the legendary Love Valley.. Read more...

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4. Is it possible to put up tents in the territory of Kursiu nerija national park?

To put up tents in the territory of Kursiu nerija national park is strictly forbidden