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Sea Museum and Dolphinarium

the most northerly point of the Curonian Spit and the latest formed locality of the Curonian Spit peninsula, the integral part of Klaipėda Port. Sea Museum - Aquarium was opened in Kopgalis fort in 1979. Aquarium contains Lithuanian freshwater fish, Baltic Sea and tropical seas fish, invertebrates, sturgeons of impressive size. Tropical sea aquaria are designated for hard and soft corals, other invertebrate species and coral fish.

Visitors can see marine fauna on the second floor of the central redoubt, and outdoor pools are for penguins, Baltic grey seals and Steller sea lions. Performances of Steller sea lions are held during summer season.

The exposition of the history of navigation of Lithuania is housed in the posterns and casemates under the ramparts; while the collection of ancient and modern anchors is displayed on ramparts, earlier served for gun emplacements.

The Dolphinarium was opened in 1994. 11 common bottlenose dolphins and 2 California sea lions with 1 baby sea lion live in the dolphinarium. Entertaining swim with dolphins takes place in the dolphinarium since 2009. The dolphinarium was closed for reconstruction in October 2010, and reopened in August 2015.

The Dolphinarium along with Sea Museum and Aquarium covers an area of 33 000 m² and forms a unique complex of marine world.

Opening hours:             

Months I-III, X-XII   ■■■■□□□ 10.30-16.30
Month IV ■■□□□□ 10.30-17.00
            Months V, IX
□□□□ 10.30-17.00
            Months VI - VIII ■□□□□□□ 10.30-18.30


Smiltynės g. 3, LT-93100 Klaipėda

Information: (8 46) 49 22 50; 49 07 51; 869837299;

Ticket office: (8 46) 49 07 54

Fax: (8 46) 49 07 50;


 Museum of Miniature Arts and Exhibition Hall of Lithuanian Art Museum

In 2007 Lithuanian Art Museum restored the exposition of Museum of Miniature Arts that had been open throughout 19761989 in Juodkrantė Evangelic Lutheran Church.

Over 300 pieces of art are presented in the exposition. There are miniature painted portraits, historical medals, fans created by the masters of Paris, St. Petersburg, and Prague (16th 20th centuries), copper engravings, which depict costumes from the late 17th century early 19th century.

The exposition also presents small paintings, boxes, and wallets created by the art of sewing colored glass bead, tiny porcelain and faience sculptures, vases, plates and cups.

The significant part of the exhibition includes the miniatures of the selfeducated artist Lida Meškaitytė, which convey the subtle images of artist's homeland (farmstead, landscape).

The exhibition hall of Lithuanian Art Museum was established in 1982. The exhibitions of Lithuanian and foreign artists are held in this hall during the summer season.


Opening hours (admission charged):

Months VI-VIII

L.Rėzos g. 3, LT-93101, Juodkrantė

Tel.: (8 469) 53323


Weathervane Gallery

In 1844 a specific marking system - weathervanes - was introduced to facilitate the fishing control in the Curonian Lagoon. Each fisherman had to install this sign of recognition on a masthead of kurėnas (Kurenkahn). It consisted of tin shield painted in black and white color. Later on, red and white color flag as well as carved ornaments were added to a weathervane. The ornaments symbolized the living environment, celestial bodies, and tools. Based on a weathervane it was possible to identify the particular village a sailboat belonged to.

The history, development and items of weathervanes are presented at Daiva and Remigijus Žadeikis Weathervane Gallery in Juodkrantė. The gallery contains touristic literature, original ceramics, textile, and fine art pieces.


Opening hours (admission charged):

Months VI-VIII □□□□□□□ 9.00-19.00

L.Rėzos g. 13, LT-93101, Juodkrantė

Tel.: (8 463) 315110


Thomas Mann Cultural Center, Museum

In 19291930, the family of Thomas Mann, German writer Nobel Prize Winner, built a cottage on the Mother-in-Law Hill in the northern part of Nida (Skruzdynės g.), and they used to spend their summers during the period from 1930 to 1932. Here T. Mann was writing his novel Joseph and His BrothersAfter the World War II the building was standing abandoned for a while. In 1967, a reading-room and the memorial exposition of the writer were opened in this house. In 19951996, the summerhouse was restored, financed by the Lithuanian and German Governments, and in 1996, the memorial museum was opened there, later the non-profit organization Thomas Mann Cultural Center.

Classical music concerts, cultural evenings take place here during the summertime. International T. Mann Festival is annually organized by the Cultural Center.


Opening hours (admission fee is charged):

Months V.15 – IX.15 □□□□□□□ 10.00-18.00

Month   IX.16 - 30 □□□□□□□ 10.00-17.00

Month   X.1 – V.14, ■□□□□□■ 10.00-17.00


Skruzdynės g. 17, LT-93123, Nida

Tel./Fax: (8 469) 52 260


Neringa History Museum

The exposition of Neringa History Museum presents the crafts of Curonian Spit inhabitants, fishing tools, models of "kurėnas" (national type of boat), "kiudelvatis" (barrel shape boat), dragnet and wind mast boats, smelt destroyer and hunting crows, findings at Nida Neolithic settlement, history of Nida Post Station. The emphasis of this exposition is the license of Nida Post Station owner F. C. Kuwert, providing the right to produce beer at the post station pub, the copy (year 1785) and photo replications and maps reflecting specific character of life of post roads and post stations of European significance. The other stands will show the colors of resort life of Nida in the 19th - early 20th centuries, everyday life of the residents and the history of old Froese family in Nida which has been of exclusive status for several centuries.

 Opening hours (admission charged):

Months V.15 - IX.30□□□□□□□10.00-18.00
Months IX.1 - XII.21 ■□□□□□■ 10.00-17.00
Months XII.22 - III.31 □□□□□■■ 10.00-17.00
Months IV.1 - V.31 ■□□□□□■ 10.00-17.00


Pamario g. 53, LT-93124, Nida

Tel.: (8 469) 51162, (8 469) 52260


Fishermans Ethnographic Homestead

A homestead that had suffered from ice foes was handed over to Neringa History Museum in 1974. A fisherman's homestead of the late 19th - early 20th century was arranged here. It consists of two buildings: residential house and farm building. Authentic furniture is placed in a kitchen and three rooms of the residential house. One must be amazed by ornamented chairs, bedroom furniture or dowry chest. Walls of the room are decorated with bride coronets and silver wedding crowns.

The exposition introduces fishermen domestic life to a visitor. The original fishing boats lie near the farmstead - from simple ones to the traditional dragnet boat, which is called "Kurėnas"

Exhibitions associated with the Curonian Spit, historical photos, postcards, folk art are held in this homestead.


 Opening hours (admission charged):

Months VI - XIII □□□□□□□10.00-18.00
Months IX - V ■□□□□□■ 10.00-17.00

 Naglių g. 4. LT 93123, Nida

Tel./Fax: (8 469) 52372



 Hermann Blode Museum

Hermann Blode Hotel, called the ArtistsHouse, was built in the eastern part of Nida fishermen settlement, in Skruzdynė, in 1867 L. Passarge (1825 -1912), a poet, journalist, translator of K. Donelaitis works into German language, visited the hotel in 1868. German romantic composer E. Humperdinck lived here in the late 19th century. German writer T. Mann stayed in the hotel in 1929. Poet W. Heymann (1888 1914) used to visit the hotel very often. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the hotel turned to be the main axis of Nida Art Colony. Famous German painters, such as L. Corinth, E. Bischopp Culm, H. Beppo Broschke, M. Pechstein and others, lived and worked here. After the owner's death the hotel traditions were continued by his son-in-law E. Mollenhauer (1892 1955). The only hotel museum (now it is the hotel Nidos Smiltė) in Neringa is functioning here.

 Opening hours:

Months V - X □□□□□□□ 09.00-19.00

 Skruzdynės g. 2, LT-93123, Nida

Tel. (8 469) 52 219

Amber Gallery - Museum

The museum was established in an old fisherman's house in 1993. In this museum one can learn about the formation, morphology, color, extraction, medical application of Baltic amber, and view an impressive collection of inclusions. The Gallery is constantly replenished with the artwork expositions of famous Lithuanian artists. There is an outdoor exposition with an old amber processing workshop. Accessories of modern design, unique amber pieces, and inclusions are available for purchase. Purchased goods are supported with a high quality Baltic amber certificate.

 Opening hours:

Months VI-VIII □□□□□□□ 09.00-20.00

Months IV- V and IX- X □□□□□□□10.00-19.00


Pamario g. 20, LT-5872 Nida

Tel.: (8-469) 52052




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